If I’m Not Back… Wait Longer.

I’m about to take off on a trip to watch my esteemed sister graduate. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be boarding a Greyhound bus. This’ll be my first time on such a bus, so I may get shanked. If I don’t, though, I may be able to update and continue writing when I get to lovely Michigan.

In the meantime, I’ve realized that organic writing is the way to go for me. Only by actually typing with my hands and writing with my pen can I realize what my characters and plot are doing and hoping and judo chopping. I’m nearly done with all of my outlining, but there are three different characters that want to be the lead protagonist. Ugh.

Brandon Sanderson is my hero and idol. Wow, I’m a total fanboy at this point. I don’t think I’m ever going to stop. He’s that awesome.


~ by Jake Miller on 4 June, 2008.

2 Responses to “If I’m Not Back… Wait Longer.”

  1. Yeah, Greyhound buses can be bad, but so can Valley Metro Arizona buses. I actually did get shanked 3 times on those buses… but that was my fault… never pick a fight with a gang on a bus when you’re alone.

    As for writing, I’ve always thought about trying to plan out a story before I try and write it… but then I start writing and my characters develop their own plans. Organic is the only way I’ll ever be able to write.

  2. good for you and three cheers to organic writing :)!

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