Daily Creation.

My practice of traveling to the library has really helped my inner writer. I come here, update my blog, check my facebook, and then shut it all off to write. Starting this new ritual reminded me of a blog post from Davey Wavey’s blog: “BIG change is in the air!” In it he speaks of the new book from Harvard professor Tal Ben-Shahar, Happier. Davey’s got some new rituals. This one’s mine.

Most writers have a certain time of the day that they write best during. I’ve heard most often that morning is the best time. However, mine is in the early afternoon if not actually at noon. I don’t understand it in the slightest, but I’m much more prolific at this time. Well, time’s running out. I’ve got to get to it.


~ by Jake Miller on 29 May, 2008.

One Response to “Daily Creation.”

  1. Who do you write for? This question has been troubling me today, so I’m asking passing ships who love to write … Sounds like you do, correct me if I missed my cue :)…

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