Is Plotting Purgatory?

I think this may be a more accurate comparison compared to my earlier post. My lack of internet access at my home has forced me to travel to my university’s library to leech it from them. They’re making some renovations. The end result should be an enormous improvement.

Being in a place where I don’t have a bed on which I could sleep, a TV I could watch, or a video game to play helps with motivation. Also, it’s nice to have a desk to write at. Hmm, maybe I should invest in one. Target might have a good one.

I still hope to post here as often as possible. In regards to the Snowflake process, I’m somewhere past step six. I’m taking my character development cues from the book I mentioned earlier, Characters, Emotion, & Viewpoints. I think some of the Snowflake character steps wouldn’t help nearly as much as the book.

The steps where it comes to plotting where one must rewrite the synopsis which greater length and detail each time has helped me feel better about planning. I think much better with my hands than my brain, so the act of just writing out these synopses has been extremely helpful to actually getting my plot down on paper.

I know this extra bit makes it a lengthy post, but I have to mention the latest Writing Excuses episode. This episode, entitled BIC HOC: Butt in Chair, Hands on Keyboard, is one of the best I’ve heard from these three gents. I’ll probably expound on how much I love this podcast in another post. For now, listen to it if you’re a writer. If you haven’t before, listen to this one first. You’ll be sold, I promise.

Is “sold” the right term for a free podcast?


~ by Jake Miller on 28 May, 2008.

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