That Moment at the End of the Inhale

I’ve begun a new morning routine. I start with the usual Morning Pages then move on to some yoga. It doesn’t sound like too trying of a routine, but it takes a two hour minimum to accomplish. I enjoy both of these activities, and they both help me grow as the human being I wish to be and already am.

Morning Pages, the key to Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way, have been with me since the beginning of the year. Thankfully, they’ve given me greater experience in writing my thoughts and life down. This allows my own voice to grow while practicing this unique form of Western-style meditation. G.O.D., I love Julia Cameron!

Shiva Rea’s yoga is pretty wonderful. I started out a couple years with her Yoga Shakti video, but I lost it during one move or another. Now I’m using her Fluid Power video. The latter is definitely not for beginners. I’m having a bit of trouble with it, but it wouldn’t be helpful if it weren’t challenging.

The characters are coming along as is the plot that is bouncing about, waiting to be recorded. These characters, as human as they are becoming, are still incomplete. There’s more work to do, even now.


~ by Jake Miller on 15 May, 2008.

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