2007 People’s Media Awards

Today, Associated Content released their list of winners of the People’s Media Awards, celebrating the many great CPs in 2007. The following list is taken from the article in question:

Content Producer of the Year
Pam Gaulin
Pam Gaulin’s CP page
Prize: $2,000

Best of AC Text #1
Michelle Devon
Confessions of a Writer: The Ugly Truth About Being a Writer
Prize: $1000

Best of AC Text of AC #2
Rosa Hayes
Oklahoma City Mother Recounts the Death of Her Son
Prize: $1000

Best of AC Text #3
Jean Riva
How My Husband’s Stroke Changed My Life
Prize: $1000

Best of AC Video
Aaron Jaffe
Diamonds Are Not a Girl’s Best Friend
Prize: $1000

Best of AC Audio
Ken McCoy
Ken McCoy Entertainment Report
Prize: $1000

Best of AC Slideshow
Aly Adair
Aly’s Aesthetic Glory
Prize: $1000

Top Performing Text
Webkinz World Secret Cheat Codes
Prize: $1000

Top Performing Richmedia
Kelly Fleming
Craiglist: There is Something for Everyone
Prize: $1000

I simply couldn’t bring myself to read the human interest stories, so I have no thoughts on those. However, I’d like to say that the video pick, Diamonds Are Not a Girl’s Best Friend, and the number one text, Confessions of a Writer: The Ugly Truth About Being a Writer, are both worth a look.

The first features a very funny man in what is the first video article of this sort that I’ve actually watched the whole way through. Though I enjoy a good video blog, one without a sense of humor and fast editing bores any internet reader quickly. This video shows both very well. Jaffe doesn’t have very much content on AC, but what he has is great. He needs to promote his Youtube stuff, which he mentions in his profile but doesn’t provide a link to.

The second, an article on the author’s experience getting published, is an individual’s look through the entire process. Whereas most articles feature just one or another of the aspects, like publishing or editing, Mishy shows the cold truth while still coming away with a positive attitude to this addicting profession and/or hobby.

As of yet, I am nowhere near as great as these CPs, but I sincerely hope to increase my output on AC. I currently have two articles awaiting publication, and several ideas spinning around in my head. At this point, I think I need to learn more about the process and what exactly gets upfront payment and what doesn’t. For now, I’ll simply look to these prolific CPs for inspiration and advice.


~ by Jake Miller on 30 January, 2008.

One Response to “2007 People’s Media Awards”

  1. hey there. This is Rosa Hayes and I would like to thank you for putting up this post about the winner’s. You might remember me if you watch the news. My son was killed in Oklahoma City, Gaje Florence, in our driveway. I read your about page and learned that you are also from oklahoma city. I am glad that we have finally gotten some more people from Oklahoma on Associated Content. Anyways, I look forward to reading your work and welcome to Associated Content.

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